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*** Prochemist introduces new explosives - Trotyl, Hexogen (RDX), Octogen (HMX) *** Prochemist is the main sponsor of the Polish shooting team at the 27th MLAIC World Championships - Hungary, Sarlóspuszta *** Prochemist became the exclusive supplier for Eastern Europe of WANO and SWISS powders

Prochemist has been a leading black powder producer since 1692 and one of the oldest and largest black powder factories in the world.

We are the leading black powder producer of military black powder for defense worldwide.

Our black powder and gunpowder products cater to a wide range of applications, including industrial uses such as mining industries the automotive industry, fireworks and pyrotechnics that are admired globally. In addition, we supply hunting powder and sporting powder for civilian uses like historical reenactments and for black powder shooters.

The production process adheres to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2000, ensuring top-notch products for our clients. Furthermore, our products have been awarded the CE safety certificate, reflecting our commitment to safety and excellence in the black powder industry. Concession of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration B-222/2003

The black powder factory, which has been producing black powder continuously since 1692 in the factory in Poland in Chalisław in Lower Silesia, is currently the most modern black powder factory in the world. Practically the entire machine park has been designed and built from the beginning, paying particular attention to the safety of production. Modern computer-controlled machines are used in the production process, which guarantees the highest quality. The components that we use in the production process come only from proven and best suppliers in the industry, and each of the raw materials is subject to additional control in our laboratory. Our black powder is also controlled at every stage of production. As a black powder producer that supplies its products to the most demanding customers around the world, we are subject to  audits of  state institutions and our clients.

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tel.: +48748163200 ext.2

Prochemist produces black powder for military purposes.

Black powder 125mm for Leopard

Prochemist also produces black powder for civilian use.

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Black powder historical runnerProchemist as a black powder producer has been producing continuously since 1692.



tel. +48748163200 ext.2