The main focus of ZS Black Powder Ltd. is the manufacturing of military black powder (smoke gunpowder) according to MIL-P-223C, GOST 1028-79, PN-C-86203 standards.

The black powder (smoke gunpowder) we produce, among others, according to standards such as MIL-P-223C, GOST 1028-79, PN-C-86203, is suitable for a wide range of applications. Military black powder is used in over 300 types of ammunition, including the M82 primer, used for igniting propelling charges in 155 mm caliber artillery. It also serves as a propelling charge for filling 122 mm caliber artillery shells and mortar systems of 60mm, 81mm, 82 mm, as well as initiating systems for cruise missiles and M16 rifle grenade launchers. Our military black powder is also used, among others, in ammunition for Leopard tanks and Tomahawk missiles, where a small amount of black powder acts as a detonator for a stronger explosive material contained in the same shell or missile. For example, a shell from a 155 mm howitzer uses half an ounce of black powder placed next to 26 pounds of a stronger explosive material.

We manufacture all types of high-quality military black powder (smoke gunpowder) at competitive prices, following standard composition and parameters, especially based on:

  • MIL-P-223C (e.g. MIL 1 – 8)
  • GOST 1028-79 (e.g. DRP-1, DRP-2, DRP-3, KR-75, TO-34)
  • PN-C-86203 (e.g. D1, D2)
  • INT DEF STAN 13-166/1, INT DEF STAN 13-167/2 (e.g. SFG, SMP, G)
  • TL 1376 580 – 598 (e.g. Y 59XX-X)

Additionally, we also offer the production of sulfur-free powders or powders with the inclusion of graphite (as a retarder), as well as pressed powder in the form of pills with a mixture of smokeless powder.

For orders or additional information, please contact us at:

tel.: +48 74 816 32 00 ext.2

Military Black Powder usage examples

Artillery ammunition – 122 mm, 152 mm, 155 mm

Black powder 152mm for artillery


125mm ammunition for Leopard tanks

Black powder 125mm for Leopard


Pyrotechnic relays

Black powder for pyrotechnic relays


False thermal targets – heat traps

Black powder false thermal targets

Anti missile flares

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