Blasting Powder for use in mines and quarries

Blasting Powder UN 0027
Identification number MW-EN-33/05-P
EC type examination certificate No. 1453.EXP.05.0065

Blasting Powder polished by graphite, produced in a number of versions:
1. PCS 1 75%, grains size 0,2-8,0 mm
2. PCS 2 70%, grains size 0,2-8,0 mm (on request)

We can adjust Blasting Powder for grain size needed.

Packaging 2,5kg in plastic bag, 25 kg in carton, 24 cartons / 600kg per pallet

For orders or additional information, please contact us at:

tel.: +48 74 816 32 00 ext.2

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Blasting Powder comparition