We are a manufacturer of black powder and as a representative, we also offer a wide range of explosives, including TNT, RDX, and HMX:

Explosives & chemical products:
> Trinitrotoluene (TNT) in flakes and in solid pieces
> Tritonal – mixed TNT/AL in solid pieces
> Hexogen (RDX) crystalline & phlegmatized
> Octogen (HMX) crystalline & phlegmatized
> Explosive compositions:
– RDX e.g. A3 (A-IX-3T)
– A4 (A-IX-1)
– A5
– RDX/wax/graphite
– RDX/Viton A100 (PBXN-6)
– RDX/Viton A100/graphite
– HMX e.g. HMX/wax
– HMX/Viton A100 (PBXN-5)
– HMX/wax/graphite
– HMX/Viton A100/graphite
– Others e.g. Pentolite (PETN/TNT)
> New explosives for insensitive compositions e.g. NTO
> Dinitrotoluene (DNT) i.e. DNT 100; DNT 80; DNT 65; DNT 50

Engineer ammunition / demolition blocks:
> TNT blocks/boosters e.g. 75g, 250g,
> Cast charges: 400g, 1000g, 3800g, 2,5kg, 5kg, 5,5kg, 8 kg

Civil products:
Blasting explosives for mining and science
> TNT pressed and cast boosters e.g. 75g, 160g, 250g, 500g,
1000g, 1500g
> TNT cast charges e.g. 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 25kg

Information only for license holders for the trading of explosives – zlotystok@blackpowder.eu